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here is the place where my head is spinning... Feb. 14th, 2005 @ 04:54 pm
right now..things are up in the air with me..yesterday me *& my mom were talking about things because we had to pick a few stuff up from parma. and i totally told my mom whats going on in my life with school and how much i hate it. I mean my grades arent that bad anymore..but i dont know. things with my dad are horrible & cant get any worse..he hates me so much & i try to talk it out with him he doesnt want to..things are so bad that i can never show him my report card anymore that me and my mom have to hide it because i have to constantly get straight A's to make him happy gahh!.so yeah my mom thinks i should go to parma since my aunt lives there and all this other stuff. so much for the competition that was suppose to happen but i guess its not now..i dont know..whatever i dont care. I miss kassy *& so many other of my friends..i miss florida a lot. wow i miss a lot of things. well heres the people that i love soo.oo much you have no idea..they've been there for me whenever i need them and i cant talk to them about anything..they always cheer me up & yea.

<3Alli* gawdt i love you so much..bad ass's since we were 3..stealing boys colorbooks..dancing to spicegirls for everybody..mh times..getting crunk ..element..golfcarts..being silly girls that we are. HELL YEAH! ok i love you forever and always..and you've been with me forever in good & bad stuff and wow i love you.

<3Kassy Hobson* uhh yeah ok ms. hottie. wow i love you kassy you have no idea. our 3 hour drives to parma..getting lost..running into arabica with our sexxy shades and my messy morning hair..yeah and i do know that u dream about me everynight in your room kissing ur doggy! love it. your always there when i need you & i can tell you ANYTHING i want So HAH! i love you babes.

<3Matt* back it up boy..haha ur basement with tyler & mel..wow were soo.oo hilarious and duhh heather dates guys like me yah know the ones that can back it up & break it down..haha be careful with yourself and your moms wineblenders please. your the most amazing friend! <3 you.

<3* Scott* your are amazing and such a sweetie.your always there when i need somebody to talk to..or if im in a bad mood your always there to cheer me up or make me smile..you always make me feel good about myself and OH EM GEE..I LOVE YOU! I miss you too much. call mee we need to hang a lang a.s.a.p. remember what i told you about those "girls"..yeah and if they find this:
Scott is the best
so treat him like the rest
Hes soo sweet..
He*ll have you up on your feet
so dont be mean
or my "fat kid" WILL SQUASH YOU LIKE A BEAN!

<3 heather NicOle.

I love you & mr. saltly pahh duhhHHH!

<3* Melissa* i love you hun. god where to start..we are soo crazy when were together and its soo.oo much fun! m.h is absoulutly amazing with you..beachin deffinatly & late night partys! heck yeah.
i love you .

<3*Mel* you are totally awesome!*! i luv going over your house and jumping out of trees. yah know what i mean :). our dryden shirts over your house were soo damn sexy & alex adam and mark loved us so.oo much for that and we were the cool girls of the school..the freaking plastics. haha my house..ddr i beat you!<3 you silly billy.

<3*Andie Candy* no seriously we are the gangsters of the school.. haha homos. if i became a gangster youd throw me out the window and say LOOK HEATHERS FLYING EVERYONE!*! haha wow WHAT?!?. i love you andie candy..
my sugar daddy babe.

..i could go on forever... but the girls and guys' i missed you know who you are..and i love you soo.oo much and im glad were close. :).
Moddy: shockedshocked
Musica: Sweet Sixteen

wonderwall* Feb. 4th, 2005 @ 11:50 am
i dont really feel like updateing but whatever.
me tiff *&* robin made pancakes in food basic and when tiff
wasnt looking i poured the whole batter in the pan and it was one huge pancake..it was funny! :). i got 3 flowers from matt kassy & rachel so that was cool (*i love u losers*)tommarow im hanging out with Alli *&* were going to parmatown wahoo heck yes! then she may be sleeping over and im going to invite a few more people too. katies coming over at 9 tommarow to drop something off have no clue what hmmm... :).
i think im done for now.
-*Heather niCole*-

STEFIE: Give me a piece of gum Avril Lavigne
me: here stefie..avril lavigne what??
STEFIE: yeah thats right you are AVril Lavigne im now
your bully and im your best!
me: ghetto thug stefie i love you.
STEFIE: your my hero "HEATHER"!
...i love this freaking girl to death..stefie your one hott ass bully! heck yeah!....
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Musica: "wonderwall" Oasis

im back :) Jan. 28th, 2005 @ 10:10 pm
yeah ive been so buzzay i havent had time to update this thing.i got a haircut..people say its really hott but i dont know :) today in food basics me, tiff, robin, ericka & matt all made biscut pizzas but tiff kinda burnt ours. Robin kept poking me and i finally got him back & we got in trouble..during science me & andie just walked out of the room & went to the caf and got cookies..it was so hilarious because we were just walking around the halls until class was over and this lady comes up to us and shes like " you have a pass to go get a cookie" and i told her yeah and she believed it. after school i went with cass and my mom to hollister at crocker park..bought 4 pairs of pants..3 shirts and a sweatshirt. really good deals on stuff..Abers finally open so thats cool & its so fucking huge *amazing.then melissa came over to my house and we went to the mall for a bit, it was sooo.ooo much fun! i love shopping with that girly :). tommarow uhh yeah gotta go to a party and sunday allis.
-hEather nIcole-
paola & stefi..i still look like avril lavigne to you guys'. i luvv paolas new freaking hair cut! soo sexxy! haha.<3.

Moddy: crazycrazy
Musica: Avril Lavigne- He wasnT

Jan. 17th, 2005 @ 02:23 pm

*^kass^* me & her are going beachin'.

i wont talk
i wont breathe
i wont move till you finally see that you belong with me
you might think, i dont look
but deep inside the cornor of my mind, im attached to you...
im weak, its true
cause im afraid to know the answer
do you want me too...
cause my heart keeps falling faster
i've waited all my life to cross this line
to the only thing thats true
so i will not hide,
its time to try anything to be with you,
all my life i've waited this is true.
you dont know
what you do
every time you walk into the room,
im afraid to move.
im weak, its true...
im just getting to know the ending.
do you see me too.. do you even know you met me.
ive waited all my life, to cross this line
to the only thing thats true
so i will not hide its time to try anything to be with you.
all my life ive waited this is true.

going tanning today and then going to get leg warmers
with the madre at hollister for my skirt :)

:.its nice to know u met me.:
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Musica: Underoath

Cassys poem 4 me! Jan. 16th, 2005 @ 12:01 pm

*~cassys Poem~*:.:.

She makes all the guys go click click click
shes so hott in her blond hair..
all the other girls go "hey thats not fair".
She's so pretty
it makes me have such pitty.
Behind her hazel eyes
shes a master in disguise.
Her bright white smile
reminds me of my bathroom floor tile.
I love her sense of style..
it makes all the guys run a mile.
california here comes heather
youll know because shes as light as a feather.
She always knows how to make you laugh
even if your on your lunch break staff.
If your ever feeling down dont make a sound.
oh look theres heather in her pink sexxy night gown.
everyone says she looks like avril lavigne
but that only wants to make her sing.
Kiss her in the rain
youll never feel such pain.
shes just so sweet
all the guys want to get to their feet.
heather is so much fun
it makes you wanna' soak up the sun
oh look i just made a pun.
She loves going to the beach to catch some rays,
woaho look at all those gays.
Her light blond hair blows in the sun
a guy came up to her and said here you go hun.
If you have a crush on heather
make sure it will last forever.
If your her best friend
trust me you will be till the end.
Love Your Best Friend 4 Life,

:.Cass is soo cute!.:
Moddy: thoughtfulthoughtful
Musica: Behind these hazel eyes- Kelly Clarkson
Other entries
» sweet we rock and sweet we roll...
today was awesome!..couldnt be better..
well yesterday me, the girls,bryan and matt all went to southpark to do some shopping.
I bought a lot of stuff from hollister because they had really sweet deals and a sweater from abercrombie :). then i got in this huge fight with my mom so she just kinda left me in the house by myself all night because my dads on a trip, so i got a call on my cell and it was cass so i went to her house and matt & amanda were just sitting on the couch watching scary movie so i piled on top of them haha. then me, amanda and cass got in this huge discussion about hott guys, and matt didnt want to be involved so he called some friends to come over cassys. i ended up sleeping over there and my mom didnt care so that was great!Then today i got home around 10:30..had coffee while the house was dead silent..watched tv and hung out at the house for an hour or two. My cellular rung and it was katie so i went over her house and we went to dennys, yay for biscuts & gravy. then we went back to her house and i helped her paint her walls HOTT PINK! its soo sexxy. i'm thinking about doing something like that to my room. then i left katies because i had to get some other stuff done and went to babysitt. so now im soo.oo tired & i have a bad sore throat. Ohh yeah and eric thinks i have mono..uhh -huh nice. I might see alli tommarow and tuesday for sure me & andie and alyssa might go to strongsville to go chalettin'.
» you and me on a monday..you broke my heart with no time.*
exams are crazzy this week and at first i thought i wouldnt be able to stand it..but im really luvin' it! i got out today at 9:05 and only had a spanish exam so that was great.then cass and mle called the cell and wanted to hang out so i said sure why not..and i made a promise to cass that ill do anything for her if she bought me creeam soda so her deal was for me to go out with them in my short black puffy skirt and flipflops..so what can i say i did it and i dont know where the hell cass was planning to take me in her car so we ended up going to strongsville to get coffee and out to southpark.. and if u looked at the peoples faces that walked by me..the one girl was telling her mom "i think they might be from cali" haha. it was soo funny but i was a little freaked..but when we went in hollister i felt better :) ohh yeah and someone pulled up the manigans pants..that dummy :D hehehe. they just couldnt bare to look at his hott sexxy bod!
Britts party is next weekend and im soo looking forward to it..its going to be awesome! janae you are going down... whos the twister champ AHEM AHEM MOI! but i love u anyways.
well i have to finish some stuff
leave it. love it. loose it.
» thanks for watching as i fall and making me feel like i was only one...
another journal entery wayy to go.now i no longer have feelings for that "person" and its just past me now i guess..i mean you cant hold on forever and think you'll have a chance right?!?.today was soo.oo much fun we learned about the reproductive system! wahoo...25 minutes of it! :) you know it. i was wearing the new pants i bought from pac sun and matt said it looked like i had a dick, haha i thought i did too for a sec..too much health class. this weekend im soo excited bc me and amanderr are just going to drive around in her car like..the whole day..she needs to visit her friend from parma and strongsville then were all going to grab coffee starbucks or arabica whatever its called..then of COARSE ill get together with CasS.allison.melissa. one of the three..andie and i took pics in the middle of class and posted them on myspace and there pretty fucking f-u-n-n-y!
wEll Im ouTta here!
-*_*_hEathER NicOLe*_*_*_*

n o w b a l l is going to be shit!
» behind these hazel eyes.
woaho.its one of those mad sunday mornings with alli..1:36 am. i talked to eric for 5 hours straight online about somethings and haveing to deal with some people.erics amazing because he's always there to help me out & makes me feel better about myself.me & alli went shopping today at southpark for a while and it was mad fun!psst..i pansted the hollister model...tonight isnt going so well..i lett all my feelings out to someone and it kinda just fell apart like "i dont care about u " kinda thing or it seemed like it. :( so im pretty sad about that.that person is soo much fun to talk to and always makes me laugh by whatever they say, it doesnt matter what i just laugh.* But hopefully things will get better..i hope.. i rejected a few guys that wanted to go to winter formal with me bc i didnt know them that well..i officially have no date to snowball, so its just great! my new sn is:~*~*theonlykiss12*~*..do you ever feel like you liked someone for the longest time and u ask them how do you feel about me..and they tell you and then you go "what was i thinking?!?".well yeah. i dont feel emotionaly well at all right now.. im tired so im going to go to bed!

nighty night.

kass UnDer My Oath! haha.
» hey my amigas..or amigos whatever u are!
*:.Nobodys Home.:*

heyy everybody!.!
school was awfully boring..the only fun thing was learning how much respitory breathing you have in you in health class.. we got to use balloons! it was so much fun...then of coarse me and andie in science and lauren..us crackheads.Then after school me & cass hit eyemasters and i got new glass's, they have black rims, and are lovely on me! matt & bryan met us at the mall and we grabbed something to eat..subway ohh yeah!. i have an algebra test tommarow and im soo scared!eek (*wish me luck*)! then on my ride home from school i was standing outside in the freezing cold for about an hour until they came..jeesh!! oh yeah and mle thanks for the picture hun ahaha its f-u-n-n-y! we look so hawt! i was going to visit amanda at midway but nahh.. too cold!I had a lovely convo with scott on how will hung himself :-\.. I feel like going shopping at hollister right now aka.crocker.
:.:.:.:. |*| I feel lost inside now..with nowhere to go & hide|*|:.:.:.
*Andie Nigga' PUHHH LEEZ!*
Laurenn you r Lovely! *
*Rachel uhh yeah u boob grabber..U & stefie good lord!
Leave it. Love it. Loose it.

matt20X: dude heath..u dont kno how much u remind me of avril
lavigne.guys would want to bang you if they knew u as good as i do!i love hangin out with u and cass, you funny shits!..THE CHERRY MONROE CONCERT!

haha matterrrr CHERRY MONROE BABY! CHERRY MONROE.. I say more?
» sad :(
:.*nOtHiNg WiLl ChAnGe EvErYtHiNg MuSt ReMaIn ThE sAmE*.:
*:..ToDay WaS a SaD dAy..:*
!*@ yes so today it was back to school for me.. and lett me tell u borringg..!
then finals are next week so i have to be ready for that but i get out at 12 so that's all good.I was soo glad to see all my friends again, it was so nice! :).well me & andie were in science and she brought in a box of co*co puffs to eat in science..and well towards the end bishop goes "ExCUSE ME KRISTEN WHATS IN YOUR MOUTH YOUNG LADY" and well andie said nothing and she got really pissed off. it was the funniest thing ever..!@*! my day didnt end with a happy ending after all because then i find out a kid from River who goes to Avon High will Al * Britt * and Lins* will simbeck..well he hung himself over break in his basement and comitted suicide..and a lot of people at my school knew him..so it was *&*REALLY*&* sad..:( gee its never good news. dear oh dear...*&*
(&)(&)(&)(&) |W|I|L|L|* |S|H|E|M|B|E|C|K| R.I.P. ***1/1/05***(&)(&)(&)(&)
well im going to chow down on some salad now for dinnnerrr!
|R| *_|N|_|I|_|C|_|O|_|L|_|E|_*
» ~*~*~*tommarow will change*~*~
heyy. today i woke up at 1, because i was feeling shitty yesterday from new years.then i went and got pictures developed at walgreens with mel and cass.. some pretty hott ones came up including the one of me sleeping on the couch at new years..then i went to my mum's friends house for a bit and visited some people i haven't seen in a loonng time.That was really nice.Then i had to drop off megans present..luckly she got me something :-O...haha.i wanted to go visit amanda at midway because she works at dairy queen..but pff yeah right it was "too far". i dont look forward to tommarow..im getting new glass's tuesday which means no school(BLACK RIMS BABY!).. wendesday i have an ortho appointment so no going to school..thursday- school.. friday algebra test damnit!..well my lifes just peachy and school is what i hate the most, mostly westlake. my mom wants me out of westlake schools because there soo horrible..i mean the teachers there are so mean to me and strick..they all fail me for no reason what so ever..but my dad wants me in westlake cause he thinks its all that. we were voted the worst school in the paper for bullying..drugs...disrespect..snobness..! who would of thought!i miss some people very much..and i feel like going over to amandas and telling her something so i think thats what im going to do. droooop it like its hawt! love. xoxo _*_*heather_*_*_*_ |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
» surveys are 4 lovers! *<3*
[ Current Clothes ] poka dotted boy briefs with little red hearts on them, a pink spagetti strap tank top, roxy slippers.
[ Current Mood ] sad*upset...
[ Current Music ] "Nobodys Home"- Avril Lavigne
[ Current Taste ] champagne-"New years"
[ Current Make-up ] cover girl foundation* black eyeliner*grey eye shadow* lip gloss* and mascara
[ Current Hair ] straightened
[ Current Annoyance ] why guys make things difficult
[ Current Smell ] hollister purfume
[ Current Favorite Artist ] avril lavigne & Butch walker
[ Current Desktop Picture ] me & cass haha.
[ Current Favorite Group(s) ] something corporate,thrice
[ Current Book you're reading ] the lovely bones
[ Current CD in CD player] butch walker-"letters"
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] *light pink*
[ Current Refreshment ] pepermint mocha
[ Current Worry ] whats happening tommarow...

[ You Touched ] Cass
[ You Talked to ] mom
[ You Hugged ] matt
[ You Instant messaged ]amanda
[ You Yelled At ] dad..typical
[ You Kissed ] matt..hes the bestest friend ever!"on the cheek kiss on new years day"

[ Food ] sushi* fries
[ Drink ] mochas\lattes
[ Color ] pink and black
[ Album ] Avril Lavigne & Butch Walker
[ Shoes ] my ae shoes..
[ Candy ] pixiesticks
[ Animal ] koala bears
[ TV Show ] anna nicole smith show!
[ Movie ] The Breakfast Club & Sixteen
[ Dance ] Cass's.. Holla for dah p.i.m.p.s!
[ Song ] “konstantine" Something Corporate
[ Vegetable ] carrots
[ Fruit ] grapes
[ Cartoon ] *Strawberry Shortcake*

Are you..
[ Understanding ] yes very*
[ Open-minded ] yeah kinda sometimes*
[ Arrogant ] sometimes yeah
[ Insecure ] mm hmm...*
[ Interesting ] sure*
[ Random ] all the time*
[ Friendly ] yeah of coarse!*
[ Smart ] yeah*
[ Moody ] yeah i can get really bitchy..im sensitive too*
[ Childish ] hehehe me yeah*
[ Independent ] yeah most of the time*
[ Hard working ] sometimes*
[ Organized ] yeah..although when im in hotel rooms its like ok..letts dump everything out of my luggage!*
[ Emotionally Stable ] sure i um..guess*
[ Shy ] yeah around people i dont know sometimes*
[ Difficult ] yeah..i try to be at times*
[ Attractive ] *yeah*<3
[ Bored Easily ] yeah sometimes..but i try to have fun and be fun!*
[ Messy ] yeah pff..my room you dont want to see!*
[ Thirsty ] nahh!
[ Responsible ] *yeah..but i loose things easily like i lost my purse and credit card in schooL!*
[ Obsessed ] yeah over my sexxy hooch shorts that i bought today!*
[ Angry ] *im a little mad at someone* :-(
[ Sad ] *yes very*
[ Happy ] *no not now*
[ Hyper ] *umm..maybe a little*
[ Trusting ] yeah always*
[ Talkative ] *hehehe..alot of times*

[ Kill ] * someone..*
[ Slap ]* a few people*
[ Get Really Wasted With ] * Cass & Matt *
[ Get High With ] * bryan*
[ Look Like ] * jessica simpson\ avril lavigne *
[ Talk To Offline ] * scott kryssy katrina & eric & trish i miss them so much!*
[ Talk To Online ] *amanda*

[ My Name Is ]* Heather *
[ My Middle is] * Nicole *
[ In The Morning I Am ] * cranky and very very very bitchy *
[ All I Need Is ] * my lover *

[ Love Is ] * love sucks unless its the person you know you love with everything *
[ I'm Afraid of ] * spiders are creepey *
[ I Dream About ] * relationships..my dreams *

[ Pictured your crush naked? ] * ohh baby yeah *
[ Actually seen your crush naked ] * hmmf..MAYBE!*
[ Been in love ] *yeah*
[ Cried when someone died ] * yeah my grandma..i miss her so much!*
[ Lied ] * maybe once no twice!*

[what do u notice first?] * eyes & personality *
[last person u slow danced with] * at homecoming..uhh bryan! blahaha!*
[worst question to ask] “what happened to u last night?"

[makes u laugh the most?] Cass & AL
[makes you smile] a lot of people..!
[gives u a funny feeling when u see them] * my lover *
[who do you have a crush on?]* we'll see *
[who has a crush on u?] * matt & adam & mike...*
[is easiest to talk to] Alli, Missy, Lins, Britt, Cass, Rachel, scott, tyler*
[sit on the internet all night waiting for someone special to I.M. you?] *yeah sometimes..like right now la di dah dah*
[save aol/aim conversations] *yeah*
[wish u were a member of the opposite sex] * no being a girly girl like myself is pretty put up to what it should be *
[cry because of someone saying something to you] * yeah most of the time *

[fallen for your best friend] * haha. maybe ok yeah *
[been rejected] * yeah*
[rejected someone] * yeah for a date to homecoming *
[used someone] * maybe once! *
[been cheated on] *no never *
[done something you regret] * no i dont regret doing anything *

[you talked to on the phone] * melanie *
[you laughed with] * cass & matt *
[you said goodbye to] * Jason & melissa *

[smoke cigarettes] no..*
[obsessive] * it depends.. over u of coarse!*
[could u live without the computer?] * yeah *
[color ur hair] * yeah 20 times, now its blond with black underneath light light blond *
[ever get off the damn computer] *yeah*
[habla espanol] * yeah im taking it*
[how many peeps are on ur buddylist?] *160*
[drink alchohol?] *yes*
[like watching sunrises or sunset] * yeah its cute.. i love it *
[what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?] * deffinatly emotional because you never know whats coming next *

of times I have had my heart broken? *once*
of guys I have kissed?: * 2 *
of girls I have kissed? *my friends*
of continents I have lived in?: *1*
of tight friends?: * 10.. number one is alli & melissa *
of cd's that I own?: *woaho woaho letts not go there *
of things in my past that I regret? * I dont believe in regreting anything in life*
of scars on my body?: * a few.. from florida *
» uhh.. hi
yeah things have been pretty crazy this week and i've been soo busy and i've hardly gotton to see my friends, which sucks. Happy New Years Everyone!Friday was amazingly awesome!my parents aren't huge on the whole "party" for new years gig, so melissa picked me up and i went to party...it was so much fun but crazy. taylor,alyssa and anthony were there and so was this whore jesse. when i got there..i got a bunch of hugs and "how are you's",then me and melissa snacked on pizza and i had some sugar cookies! then we talked a bit.. called jason on the phone... got bitched at by little 10 year old girls that thought they were so "cool" like the "PLASTICS"! haha it was funny. After we watched mean girls!! best movie ever, and everyone should see it.. we watched carson daily and ran down stairs to get ready!usually since theres so many kids there younger than us, they give us the kids wine junk, which is pretty good but not as good as getting drunk.well when we get the glass's me and missy take a sip and im like woahoo this isn't kids wine it's champagne because u could really taste the alcahol in it and it was REALLY STRONG!it tasted like shit.. but it was new years so why not drink the whole thing..so we did and i felt horrible after, and had a bad headache. We got to melissa's house at about 3:30 and i didnt go to bed until 4 ish..so im soo tired! urgg!
Jason(missys bf) came over the house about 10 ish and i was still half asleep..zz..after that me and my mom did a bit of shopping at avon commons, i had coffee at starbucks for a bit..came home.. went back out with cass.. and got home at about 8:00..so im so dead right now! ahh! my life is too crazy.. i feel bad that i havent really gotton together with my close friends, like i said i would before break even started..im soo sorry! ill make it up some how. yeah and i guess my 2 friends from the avril concert eric & trish are coming in on January 21st to visit! i cant wait!i miss those guy's so much..so that should be awesome, and ill hopefully get to see scott and everyone else too!
im going to go take a crash!
» -my first entery!
my first entery..wow livejournal seems pretty spiffy i guess.
today was soo amazing!I woke up early about 6*30, had coffee and had to get ready because we were going down to Brandy Wine.Cass came over to go with us about 6*45. So i run outside in my pjs to get the newspaper because some people are just too lazy to do it themselfs.i fall on my ass because i didnt know there was this huge piece of ice right outside the door so cass just stands there laughing with matt and my dad's cracking up and everytime time i try'd to get back up, I FELL AGAIN!i was laughing too :-).So on our way to Brandy Wine my dads like here spill out my coffee for me..so i spill it out the window when i was suppose to wait till we stop, well.. the CUP GOES FLYING OUT THE WINDOW WITH IT! so im running along the street in my snowboarding boots and snowpants trying to grab the cup.. (there was these 2 guys behind us cracking up laughing at me!) So when i finally got to brandywine i went down some hills.. fell on my butt... got back up.. went down some more hills.. fell on my butt. It was so much fun though, even though i have marks on my arms. After that we took cass & matt home and I wanted to spend some of my money that I got for x*mas, so me and my mummy hit up crocker park and i bought a couple things from hollister and of coarse...went shopping for some veggys. Now im soo pooped out.. i cant even move! Tommarow i think i may go see a movie or do something with melissa.Oh yeah and eric if you read this i'm sending out those bus's for you guys.. is rta okay?! haha i miss you guys s.o.o.o. much. Scotty *kryssy and katrina i miss you guys SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

well i gotta run!
:.:.Happy New Years.:.:. party it up and get wasted!! :-O jello shots courtney haha!
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